Underground shelters from KMK Group are compact waterproof underground spaces designed to help people in their everyday needs and to protect against threats of a natural or military nature and their consequences (tornado, storm, destruction, debris, blast and shock wave).
About the product

Storage of various types of food products and protection of people

The warranty period for Paneltim products is more than 50 years

Ready-made modules are mobile, quick to deploy anytime and anywere

Similar products from other manufacturers are made of metal, wood or concrete, which makes them less resistant to the influence of the external environment and limits their use.
The modules have a hermetic case with a built-in ventilation system. They can be equipped for special and household needs, combine with each other, forming complexes.
The owners of the underground room can at any time use the module as a cellar, a temporary underground shelter or a block post.
The area of the underground room depends on its purpose and the number of people. For a short stay, 3 m2 per person (9-12 m2 per family) is enough. If you are considering the option of living in it for a while, the room should be much larger.

About us

PlastBuild – is part of @kmkgroupukraine enterprise and Ukrainian manufacturing of plastic constructions made of using high quality Belgian eco-plastic PanelTim.

It is a brand of self-produced polypropylene plastic products made of food-grade sandwich structural plastic panel material of Belgian production PanelTim. We use environmentally friendly materials and advanced technologies that contribute to a long-term service life, as well as the quality and efficiency in a daily using.
KMK Group 🇺🇦 is the official representative of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels in Ukraine since 2013. When the trouble came to our country we decided to act and put in the effort to reach a new level of positioning and we are proud to present our products under the name PlastBuild in Europe.
PlastBuild production is located 30 km from Kiev, in the city of Vasilkiv, Kiev region. Powerful engineering potential and many years of experience of employees allows us to fulfill individual orders of customers in accordance with their requirements. The value of our final product lies in the fact that the quality will be remembered longer than the price.