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About us

KMK Group is an international level company in the construction and manufacturing sector which includes representation of European leading building materials brands and own manufacture of biological wastewater treatment plants. Each of the company brand has its own field of activity within the framework of one strategic goal – the creation of highquality products using modern and most environmentally friendly materials.
The company has been represented prefabricated and easy-to-apply materials and products used in the construction industry since 2004
Each direction of activity based on the main deliberate strategic goal – the maintenance and preservation of the environment
“The main function of our own production line, as well as the specificity of other represented brands is – recycling”

About brand Plastbuild

KMK Group is the official representative of Paneltim plastic sandwich panels in Ukraine since 2013. When the trouble came to our country we decided to act and put in the effort to reach a new level of positioning and we are proud to present our products under the name PlastBuild in Europe.

Structural material – Belgian plastic sandwich panels PanelTim. The environmentally friendly components and reliable technologies used contribute to the long service life of the products, as well as the quality and convenience in daily use. Among the product range: cellars, boats, bar counters, fonts, containers, etc.

About CELLARS Plastbuild

Cellars - the most demanded products of the PLASTBUILD brand

Made with an already calculated ventilation system, which prevents the formation of condensation.
To be installed in high groundwater environments, in swampy areas and even near water bodies.
It is installed without preliminary preparation and reinforcement of the pit.

Body from Paneltim panels

Friendly material. Plastic cellars are correspond to all sanitary and hygienic requirements, and are also easy to clean with a minimum amount of water.
The construction of the cellar is made of a solid, durable material that does not allow water to pass through and is made with an already calculated ventilation system, which prevents the formation of condensation. Subject to restoration.
Easy-to-process. Allows to create products of any complexity. If necessary, you can separate it all into parts and carry out assembly at the installation site.
The service life of the cellar made of Paneltim panels is more than 50 years.
Withstands ambient temperature from -40°C to +80°C


It is made "to order" taking into account all individual needs

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Placing you on the website as the only representative of the cellars of the Ukrainian manufacturer
Subsequent expansion of the range if necessary

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