A new trend in product storage

Create ideal conditions for storing and protecting your products in the most natural and ecological way

Individual 3D project

Choose the structure of the cellar for your needs (with vertical, horizontal or diagonal entrance)

Body from Paneltim panels

Friendly material. Plastic cellars are correspond to all sanitary and hygienic requirements, and are also easy to clean with a minimum amount of water.

The construction of the cellar is made of a solid, durable material that does not allow water to pass through and is made with an already calculated ventilation system, which prevents the formation of condensation. Subject to restoration.

Easy-to-process. Allows to create products of any complexity. If necessary, you can separate it all into parts and carry out assembly at the installation site

Vertical entry
from 5`000 euros
Horizontal entry
from 5`500 euros
Diagonal entry
from 7`500 euro

Scope of use

The service life of the cellar made of Paneltim panels is more than 50 years

Withstands ambient temperature from -40°C to +80°C

Made with an already calculated ventilation system, which prevents the formation of condensation.

To be installed in high groundwater environments, in swampy areas and even near water bodies.

It is installed without preliminary preparation and reinforcement of the pit.

Make a cellar to order

Our experts will design a cellar of any complexity according to your specifications, plot plan and requirements.

Order a cellar in the network of our partners

You can order a cellar by contacting our partner, if they are in your city, or on our website, if our partners are not yet in your city

A popular product for households

Belgian materials, quality of Ukrainian production

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Order a cellar

Ukrainian quality, equivalent to strength that can be trusted!

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    Funds are transferred from abroad to our own euro account.
    Cost delivery is calculated individually and paid by the customer. The client can negotiate with the transport companies directly, or we will take over the organization. The product can be delivered to another country within a week.
    From 5 days, depending on the order of production.

    No, we cannot install a cellar in another country, but we provide a full step-by-step guide instructions, assembly diagram and telephone support.

    The installation card of how to install:

    Vertical entry cellar
    Horizontal entry cellar
    Diagonal entry cellar

    Robust one-piece construction – guarantees absolute protection against moisture penetration into the structure. Cellars are made of sandwich panels with a cellular structure, it is a Shure and practical technology that reliably protects the interior from rodents, decay, moisture and does not absorb odors.
    Yes, since we do not sell mass made products, but we realize each order individually according to the client’s requirements.
    Guaranteed shelf load – up to 150 kg.
    Panels are premium quality structural material made of polypropylene copolymer (PPCO) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Suitable for use in the food industry.
    Yes! We can produce a project of any complexity based on the assigned task with preliminary design and 3D visualization.